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Generator Maintenance & Installation

AITIHAD Technical services offer you solutions on all your Generator maintenance and Installations. We have well-qualified factory-trained Engineers to keep your Gensets operating continuously.

Our dedicated team undertake the maintenance of all brands of Generators from 10kVA to 2800kVA used in Industrial, Residential, Marine and Commercial sites.

We Offer Maintenance, Troubleshoots and repairing electrical systems on generators, automatic transfer switches, generator controls and engine-related mechanical failures. We perform routine preventative maintenance, oil and filter changes and inspections on all generators. we use Factory approved tools and equipment to repair and replace any faulty parts. By using Genuine spare parts we assure your equipment to restore the engine condition like brand new. Our Engineers are having field experience of more than a decade in this industry and are capable of overhauling engines in a short time.

AITIHAD Team is capable of performing Synchronization for multiple generators. it is a process of matching the speed and frequency of a generator or other source to a running network.

We can professionally install, configure and connect generators to your business premises with our expert installation and commissioning service. Generators need to be installed in the right way to ensure that they perform correctly and safely.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We do provide a cost-effective solution for Annual Maintenance Service for Standby & Prime Genset for Industrial as well as Real Estate Clients for their Building Backup Generators. We assure your backup generators are ready to operate in any critical situation.

we provide AMC for scheduled services to any generator for ensuring trouble-free operation. Through this contract, our clients are entitled to scheduled maintenance of the generator sets, it can be 12 visits or quarterly preventive maintenance visits with major service depending upon the usage of the generator. We provide quality work in the field of Diesel Generators AMC, including Erection, Installation & Commissioning of D.G. Sets. We undertake Turnkey jobs like D.G. Set Installation on the foundation, cabling, earthing etc.

Our Service Team will visit the site based on a prior schedule to carry out a full system check of your generator set along with a full Test Report for each visit. Emergency support is available 24/7 by our Team to handle any critical situation.

Motor Rewinding and Services

Motor rewinding is a process that can help in the repair of shorted, grounded or damaged coils in a motor. A motor rewind means that a coil is rewound and reinstalled for the necessary armatures or other components

We do all kinds of Electric Motor rewinding and services. Rewinding the entire stator with Class F & H level of insulations. Our experienced Technicians will ensure the rewinding of motors to the keep same output as per manufacturer specification.

Diesel Engine Maintenance

We do Overhauling and Maintenance of all kinds of Industrial Diesel Engines. AITIHAD’S engine capabilities are unmatched. As an independent service provider, we routinely work on any major makes of 4-stroke diesel Engines. We Perform routine overhauls and troubleshooting and diagnosing diesel engine casualties is what we do every day. We also handle new installations. AITIHAD supports customers with one-off maintenance and repair requirements but also offers flexible, planned maintenance agreements.

Marine Generator Installation and Maintenance

AITIHAD have Highly skilled and certified technicians for all brands and equipment. We offer Troubleshooting and maintenance of Marine Generators on installation and Operation.





Electrical Services and Panel Maintenance

To protect your building's Industrial electrical service panel, you need to maintain it regularly. We Design engineering of electrical works for buildings, industries, hotels, warehouses etc including electrical panels, power & control cables, We offer testing services for HV & LV Circuits.

ATS panel

Distribution panel

Synchronizing system

Electrical cable

Electrical component

AC Installation and Maintenance

AITIHAD will undertake all kinds of Air Conditions installation and Maintenance.

Replacement of AC Units.

Thorough cleaning of coils, drains, and elements.

Inspecting connections, motor operations, and thermostat functionality.

Monitoring refrigerant pressure.

Testing safety controls.

Lubricating moving parts.

Carpentry and Plumbing

We have a team of qualified plumbers and Carpenters equipped with the smart tools to get your maintenance done in no time. We feel that customers don't want to be disturbed again and again. We do the interiors of Restaurants, Shops and Malls.



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